Recent Work

Ultra Gripper

The NEW PATENTED 8 MIL CAT III PERFORMANCE GLOVE PPE provides 15% MORE grip than the previous best GRIPPER TYRE TREAD, whilst remaining chemical resistant and ultra strong. It comes equipped with US design patent No. D779, 130 S and EU Community Design Registration No. 002861229, and meets all international compliances.

Orange Gripper

The NEW PATENTED 7 MIL ORANGE NITRILE GRIPPER provides the ULTIMATE hand protection from various chemicals, dirt and grease with added safety. Equipped with US design Patent No.29/545/656 (Patent Pending) and EU community design registration No.002861229, the Gripper provides amazing slip protection in wet conditions.

Black Gripper

The NEW PATENTED BLACK NITRILE GRIPPER provides the same features as the NEW ORANGE GRIPPER in 6 MIL thickness. The amazing TIRE TREAD design Nitrile glove is free from Filler and Antigenic Proteins. It is the most suitable glove for use in all industries, especially in Automobiles and Janitorial applications.

Other Work

Ultimate Grip

The CAT III, EN 374-3 Certified Donning & Doffing aided Filler Free Raised Diamond Textured Gloves are designed and developed to generate Ultimate Strong Grip with superb flexibility to ensure utmost occupational comfort to the user while being used. The gloves provide high protection against chemicals and are also complaint with food applications vide US FDA 21 CFR 177: 2600 (e) & (f) and Over All Global migration 10/2011.

Falcon Grip

The High Visibility Orange Raised Diamond Textured Unbreakable CATIII, EN-374-3 Certified Gloves are highly successful in prolonged and extraneous applications requiring Strong Grip, Applicational Longevity, Donning Comfort coupled with micro tactility. The Gloves also comply with Food Handling Requirements viz US FDA 21 CFR 177: 2600 (e) & (f) and Over All Global migration 10/2011.

Black Barrier

The Ultra Strong Filler Free US FDA 510K compliant Black Nitrile Skin Safe Gloves provide excellent Hand Protection with reasonable grip at extremely competitive cost. The Gloves comply with all the international standards requirement in USA, Europe Australia and Canada. These gloves offer Minimum Guaranteed Tensile strength of 25 MPA with a Force at Break of 12 N with Skin Safe Accreditations.

Avi Nitri Skin Pro

The CAT III Certified Filler Free Food Grade US FDA 510K compliant Light & Soft Nitrile Gloves comply with the requirement of EU Directive vide PPE/89/686. These gloves provide exceptional tactile sensitivity and yield Extra Ordinary Tensile Strength of 30 MPA with a Force at Break in excess of 8 N. The Light & Soft Nitrile Glove make the traditional Latex Gloves in Dentist, Examination food management applications apart from routine janitorial work redundant.

Nitri Hand

Nitri Hand gloves are made of 100% Nitrile Rubber and come in thickness of 3.0 mils, 4.0 mils, 5.0 mils, 6.0 mils , 7.0 mils and 8.0 mils. Gloves are medical grade and are very suitable for all applications in Hospitals, Food Handling, Industrial Use and are a good choice for Individuals who do not wish to use Natural Latex gloves.All gloves are CFR177:2600 and 510 K complaint.Made by a special formulation giving an excellent feel for using over a longer period of time.

Silver Line

The Silver Lined Latex Gloves are 17 Mil thick, consisting of our trademark diamond texture pattern and are a good alternative to replace all canners and household latex gloves. These perfect gloves can be used for all sorts of food processing, such as meat and vegetables. They can be used multiple times and are also suitable to be worm over a thin cotton sleeve in cold storage conditions. The Gloves also comply with Food Handling Requirements viz US FDA 21 CFR 177: 2600 (e) & (f) and Over All Global migration 10/2011.

Black Beauty

The Low Protein with negligible residual content Off Line Chlorinated Black Latex Gloves have remarkable high unmatched quality. The each glove is washed off line with 10 Ltrs of water to ensure very easy Slip in donning feature. The gloves have been tested and certified for NIL Skin Irritation & sensitization and also provide Level 6 Protection against Sodium Hydroxide 40%. The gloves are a final choice in Saloon application, Janitorial work and variety of other activities.

High Risk

The CAT III Certified Thick Latex High Risk Gloves provide impeccable protection and occupational comfort while in use. The Gloves are Low on Protein and have been tested safe for Food Grade Applications.


The High US FDA 510 K Compliant high Strength comfortable donning skin safe latex gloves exceed international requirements of Microbial Penetration and Chemical Permeation ( NaoH 40%= Level 6). The Gloves are produced under micro controlled process & procedure and pass through 14 stringent quality toll gates before reaching the customer.