About Us


Needless to say we are also the first to have been awarded clearance from various authorities for using clean coal technology/heating systems. Since implementing this technology not only have we saved exponentially on heavy costs, but sulphur emissions - which are considerably higher when burning oil - have also drastically declined.

Waste water from IGCL is so clear that our ponds are home to a plethora of (edible) fish, given as charity to nearby villages. GO GREEN has always been top priority to Mr Sood so much so that he had once insisted each and every worker in the factory plant a tree. Today these trees make the factory one of the most beautiful factories in the region. Innovative Gloves also now has a small orchard where one will find the finest mangoes, guavas, rambutans (the list could go on) ever tasted.

Mr Sood believes that the Mother Earth we inherit should be taken care of and looked after the same way one looks after their own mother.



The key to our success of our unbreakable nitrile gloves is the fact that we carry out extensive tensile and elongation tests on our products. These tests truly measure the strength of our gloves, helping us find better ways to make sure our gloves remain as powerful as they are.


Innovative Gloves believes that research and development is a key component in the success of a product. We partake in thorough research and testing to ensure that we create innovative gloves, just as our name states. Our research has allowed us to be one of the best upcoming companies for years, and will continue to do so.


At Innovative Gloves, we believe it is vital to make sure that our gloves last as long as possible, so that a client knows they are about to wear a sanitized and safe pair of gloves to protect themselves from all sorts of messes, regardless of age. We carry out several tests to ensure our gloves are as safe to use regardless of their age.


Here at Innovative Gloves, we know the importance of sanitized gloves in the daily use of mechanics, doctors, household members, and several other users. That is why we set a very high standard of cleanliness when it comes to making our gloves. Thus we carry several certifications from around the world, and have a very loyal customer base.

Why Choose Us


Products imported from Thailand in the USA are tax free, and make for a brilliant reason to buy from us!

  Diverse Collection

We manufacture almost all types of disposable gloves and continue to expand our product line to meet everyone's needs.


We are one of the very few companies with enough certifications to sell to nearly all countries around the world, and also have the facilites to do so, year after year.

  Mix And Match

Unlike other manufacturers, Innovative Gloves offers the option of mixing and matching your orders. You do not have to place large orders, and can order as many cartons of whatever you need.

  We Care

One of the biggest reasons to choose us is because we care for one and all. We care for mother nature, our customers, our employees, and everyone around us. This is what has kept us in the market for years and we will continue to care for years to come.

  Rainwater Harvestation

Innovative Gloves is the only company across Thailand that harvests 100% of it's rainwater, thus insuring that the water level in the ground does not drop over the long run, and we ensure that we use all the water available efficiently.


  •   2016  -
  • Patented THREE new gloves with TYRE TREAD pattern.

  •   2015  -
  • We average 95 million gloves a month and produce over 50 different types of gloves. We are the only glove producer awarded the prestigious CSR-DIW Award.

  •   2014  -
  • Recieved EN 374-3 certifications and met and exceeded the requirements as always.

  •   2013  -
  • We DOUBLED our warehouse and packing facilities to satisfy the demands of our products.

  •   2012  -
  • INVENTORS AND SOLE PRODUCERS OF DIAMOND TEXTURED GLOVES. We launched the first of its kind textured nitrile gloves for the best grip possible.

  •   2008  -
  • One of the few companies to produce 3 Mil Nitrile gloves (thinnest nitrile gloves). This was through our clever research and development team and amazing production team.

  •   2006  -
  • During the oil crisis, we were the only company to recieve authorization for clean coal burning technolog in Thailand.

  •   2005  -
  • For the first time, we produced AND SOLD over 500 million gloves throughout the year.

  •   2002  -
  • Recieved all certifications for exporting to over 140 countries and exceeded requirements of all certifications.

  •   2001  -
  • Launched the company with 4 glove lines and a production capacity of 30 million gloves per month. Only produced two types of gloves, Powdered and Powder-free latex.