Welcome To Innovative Gloves

Innovative Gloves was founded in 2001 by Mr Rajeev Sood. Having served the industry since 1986 and built numerous plants ground-up, Mr Sood decided it was time to design one of the best production facilities Thailand had seen. Bringing together the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, a professional team endowed with 25+ years of experience in dipping technology and latex, this dream did not take long to realise. Innovative Gloves was conceived on a land of 20 acres and commissioned in September of 2001.

Despite facing humble beginnings in a tough economic climate where big players were openly out to destroy competition, the IGCL team's dedication and perseverance to succeed has always pulled through making us the most renowned and prestigious quality manufacturer in Thailand today.

Not one container till date has been rejected by a buyer.

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Our Premium Products

Food Buddy

The NEW 9 MIL FOOD GRADE NITRILE GLOVE is engineered to provide quality and high performance in Poultry and Meat Processing Industry.

Ultra Gripper

The NEW PATENTED 8 MIL CAT III PERFORMANCE GLOVE PPE provides 15% MORE GRIP than the previous best GRIPPER TYRE TREAD, whilst remaining chemical resistant and ultra strong. It comes equipped with US design patent No. D779, 130 S and EU Community Design Registration No. 002861229, and meets all international compliances.

Orange Gripper

The NEW PATENTED 7 MIL ORANGE NITRILE GRIPPER provides the ULTIMATE HAND PROTECTION from various chemicals, dirt and grease with added safety. Equipped with US design Patent No.29/545/656 (Patent Pending) and EU community design registration No.002861229, the Gripper provides amazing slip protection in wet conditions.

Black Gripper

The NEW PATENTED BLACK NITRILE GRIPPER provides the same features as the NEW ORANGE GRIPPER in 6 MIL THICKNESS. The amazing TIRE TREAD design Nitrile glove is free from Filler and Antigenic Proteins. It is the most suitable glove for use in all industries, especially in Automobiles and Janitorial applications.

Ultimate Grip

The CAT III, EN 374-3 Certified Donning & Doffing aided Filler Free Raised Diamond Textured Gloves are designed and developed to generate Ultimate Strong Grip with superb flexibility to ensure utmost occupational comfort to the user while being used. The gloves provide high protection against chemicals and are also compliant with food applications vide US FDA 21 CFR 177: 2600 (e) & (f) and Over All Global migration 10/2011.

Falcon Grip


The High Visibility Orange Raised Diamond Textured Unbreakable CATIII, EN-374-3 Certified Gloves are highly successful in prolonged and extraneous applications requiring Strong Grip, Applicational Longevity, Donning Comfort coupled with micro tactility. The Gloves also comply with Food Handling Requirements viz US FDA 21 CFR 177: 2600 (e) & (f) and Over All Global migration 10/2011.

Black Barrier

The Ultra Strong Filler Free US FDA 510K compliant Black Nitrile Skin Safe Gloves provide excellent Hand Protection with reasonable grip at extremely competitive cost. The Gloves comply with all the international standards requirement in USA, Europe Australia and Canada. These gloves offer Minimum Guaranteed Tensile strength of 25 MPA with a Force at Break of 12 N with Skin Safe Accreditations.

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Who we are

Today IGCL produces no less than 1 billion gloves annually and are ever expanding. The basic infrastructures have already been (successfully) installed with boilers erected and further expansions to come once all the necessary training to cope with the growth is completed. IGCL does not believe in expanding productions without ensuring that the promised growth is equally distributed across all segments of the company starting with production, quality assurance, administration, and training. Regular emphasis on developing new products and bringing in new technologies has not only made IGCL a survivor in the industry, but also created a niche segment of buyers whose intentions are to bring and introduce something different to the market.

With a strong commitment to producing high quality gloves in an environment that is equally regarded and cared for through sound CSR policies, IGCL has become one of the top exporters of Nitrile and Latex Examination Gloves, meeting and surpassing all relevant standards worldwide.