Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Certified -
4 Pillars

Sedex Smeta Audit 4 Pillar Certified


Innovative Gloves Co., Ltd is a pioneer and role model of the industry. While many large factories around the world were being blacklisted for unethical business practices, Innovative went a step beyond and carried out one of the most vigorous audits and was certified successfully by Sedex through TUV's auditing team. Having done this audit, we wanted to share with the world what the audit consists of, what issues are addressed and the benefits of this audit.

What is Sedex

Sedex stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. It is a not-for-profit organization that aims to help businesses manage ethical issues through in-depth site audits. Their website provides buyers, sellers, suppliers, and auditors a platform to share ethical data to their customer so that they, too, can see the audit results. You can contact us to set up a relationship with our company to see our audit details online.

What is SMETA?

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a compilation of best practices in ethical audit, established by Sedex. It is not a separate standard or certification process, but a set of protocol for high-quality audits, to be used in conjunction with current established ethical audit practices. SMETA was designed to minimize duplication of effort and provide AAG members with an audit format they could easily share. SMETA reports are published by the Associate Auditor Group members in the SEDEX system, ensuring transparency and efficient information sharing.

What is the difference between 2 pillar and 4 pillar certifications?

There are two types of Sedex audits under the SMETA methodology; the 2-Pillar and 4-Pillar audit.

The 2-Pillar audit focuses on:
  • labor standards and;
  • health and safety practices
The 4-Pillar audit is more comprehensive. It covers the elements in 2-Pillar audit plus two extra modules:
  • environmental assessment and;
  • business ethics

Passing the 4-Pillar factory audits can be rather difficult for many companies. Some of them fail to meet social and labor standards such as minimum wage, working and resting hours, overtime, working conditions, benefits, etc. These are happening because factories are trying to keep costs down. Companies with Sedex audit would have a higher product cost as keeping better working conditions for workers would cost them more.

Contact us to get our Sedex Reference Number and create a relationship with us to see our audit details.

The Innovative Promise

Innovative Gloves Co., Ltd is an ethical and socially responsible manufacturer since day 1. We promise the following efforts as bare minimum, and go beyond just these points to ensure we remain pioneers in the industry:

  • Best Pay

    Regular Pay and Overtime Pay exceeds local laws.

  • No Forced Labour

    Zero Tolerance for Forced/Bonded/Involuntary labour

  • No Passport Retention

    Workers have full custody of their belongings.

  • Additional Security

    Workers on premise have security guards and nurses on hand.

  • No Forced Overtime

    Overtime complies with labour laws and done based on voluntary basis.

  • Pristine Housing

    Equipped with toilets, drinking water, beds and lockers.

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