Working in Partnership with Our Suppliers

Although our mission begins with quality, it doesn't end there.

Led by industry veterans with decades of collective experience and specialist knowledge in sourcing and procuring the raw materials that go directly into our manufacturing processes, Innovative Gloves recognizes its responsibility as a market leader to develop and champion sustainable practices — which is why our commitment to lawful and ethical business conduct extends across our entire supply chain, from start to finish.

We came together with the goal to provide our end-users with the best quality gloves in the market, but not without regard for social and environmental considerations. After years of searching, developing and honing our craft, we take special joy in sharing our successes with partners who share our mission and idealogies.

As such, we expect all our suppliers to adhere to the laws, regulations and other governmental authorities of the countries in which they operate, working only with those who not only deliver the highest quality raw materials, but also uphold the same ethical standards we set for ourselves. We ensure that all our suppliers under the same code of conduct we do, including but not limited to:

  • Respecting and honoring human and labor rights, taking special care to provide all employees with a safe and secure environment;

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and promptly reporting any suspected incidents of fraud;

  • Prohibiting all forms of corrupt activity such as abuse of power, bribery and extortion;

  • Enforcing strict quality assurance processes, prohibiting changes in formulations without prior approval and testing.

Because connection and collaboration are at the core of who we are and how we do business, we like to vet our suppliers carefully in accordance with our social and environmental compliance guidelines. Once a formal business relationship is established, we seldomly "pull the plug" until and unless we feel that that partner is no longer delivering on its promises in a way that adequately balances competence with ethical behavior.

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