Advanced, Cutting Edge Technology

We have always been against several different practices followed by giant mass producers in which technologies are used to reduce costs and in return reduce quality. These processes include strip-and-pack processes, machine loaded containers, computer controlled dispersion technologies, etc.

At Innovative, the care that goes into making our gloves is reflected by the care bought to your hands when donning our gloves. Although we rely heavily on human services for our quality, these people use the most cutting edge technology to ensure each glove is made perfectly. From our Quality Assurance department, to Production, to Compounding and Loading, we use the best hardware and software available to ensure everything is done smoothly. We have invested thousands of dollars in perfecting our internal ERP system so you can be assured that from the moment your order is placed to it reaching your warehouse, each glove will be monitored, tracked and if anything does ever go wrong or is not to your standards, we can trace down the root cause and solve it to satisfy your needs.

Our QA processes rely on such tools to ensure each of our 12 stages of quality assurance is perfectly managed, and all our devices are regularly audited and tested to ensure every data gathered is accurate and precise.

In our production facilities, temperature monitoring, pH checks and lab equipment is always taken care of and our team always look for ways to improve the systems to push the boundaries of the quality of our gloves.

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